About Us

Our Vision

Built by a team with property market expertise and a strong background of scaling companies, Airbrick Finance is developing a modern, people-first approach to renting. We're committed to a tight-knit culture that's as inclusive as it's rewarding, with a team that cares about each other and what we're building to every step of the process.

We’re a team of disruptors and innovators bringing our combined years of market expertise to every decision we make.

Most of us had to be content with dreaming. Without millions in the bank, you simply had no opportunity to invest in property beyond your own house or apartment. We set about changing this, regardless of where they’re from or how wealthy they already are, which is why we facilitate investments from as little as $1000.

The Founders

We’re incredibly proud of the team we’ve built to support our investors. We are all passionate about growth, both of the business and on a personal level. At Airbrick Finance you will meet people who are eager to learn something new every day. We celebrate our personal values with the same passion as our business achievements. Our success lies in our people and by working together we know that there are no limits to what we can achieve.

The founding team are responsible for the growth of Airbrick FInance into a sustainable and successful business.

Chris Germano


Valeria Alves

Partner, CFO

Anna Bea

Relationship manager

The Team

Airbrick Finance is a union of seasoned real estate and blockchain industry executives, along with marketing, ecommerce and technology experts. Together, we are executing our collective vision to create a new real estate experience.

Our mission is to break down barriers to give investors the edge over large private equity. We believe that we’re positioned to create opportunity for the masses using the Airbrick advantage.


Join Airbrick Finance Team

We’re always looking for talented people! Contact us at hello@airbrick.finance